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logodBplus acoustic consultants is an acoustic engineering company made up of a young and dynamic team providing immediate solutions to meet current market demands. Due to a group of highly qualified specialists and the most up-to-date technology available, we get the best results in all our specialised fields.

At dBplus we have the required technology to accurately assess any acoustic problem. For this, we count on our highly qualified team who offer personalised and tailored solutions for our clients’ needs in all areas related to acoustics, noise and vibration.

Our services deal with all types of activities, industries, architects and engineers, institutions, businesses, private companies and public bodies, offering consultancy services, research and implementation of projects.

We are involved in all phases of a project: Initial acoustic measurement assessment, solution design, full installation, project management and final certification measures, all carried out by our highly specialised team. We facilitate the whole process and offer the client a bespoke solution that allows them to significantly reduce costs.

dBplus focus their main activities on the following acoustic fields: Noise and vibration control, acoustic conditioning of premises, sound and vibration insulation, legal compliance, environmental acoustics and industrial noise reduction.


Professional Soundproofing

  • Measurement of noise and vibration.
  • Isolation and Acoustic conditioning.
  • Industrial Acoustics.
  • Environmental Acoustics.
  • Specialized installation.


Turnkey solutions saves time and money hiring comprehensive design and implementation.

Carles Xavier Pons - Company CEO



Chief Executive Officer

Telecommunications Engineer Sound and Vision
-Polytechnic University of Catalonia -
Master in Architectural Acoustics and Environmental
- Universitat Ramón Llull -
Senior Technician in Occupational Risks
-La Salle-


Director of Engineering

Co-Director of Graduate Environmental Acoustics
- Universitat Ramón Llull-La Salle-
Professor of the Master in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics, Universitat Ramon Llull
- La Salle-
Telecommunications Engineer Sound and Vision
- Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya-
Master in Architectural Acoustics and Environmental ,
- Universitat Ramón Llull-La Salle-


Director of Development

Over 13 years of experience directing enforcement departments in the field of acoustics.