Acoustic panels for industrial sites

Sound absorption solutions for industrial sites

On industrial sites, noise levels can be very high and the surface materials can also be reflective of sound. The generation of noise emitted by machinery is, therefore, increased by the multiple sound reflections. Sound absorption solutions incorporate materials in the surface of the space that, by means of the physical properties (porosity or elasticity), absorb a part of that sound and, thereby, also reduce the levels of reverberation. This reduction also lowers the sound pressure level generated by reverberation and also, therefore, reduces the level of noise to which the employees are exposed. These solutions achieve an overall reduction in the levels of noise and energy given off from distant noise sources. In cases where a significant reduction in noise exposure levels for employees is required, we install sound absorption solutions that minimise the need for machinery enclosures and avoid disruption to normal operating procedures.


dBplus acoustic consultants design and implement sound absorption solutions (baffle walls, cylinders, panels, amongst others) to reduce the overall exposure to noise in industrial spaces without affecting business operations. These solutions also improve levels of speech intelligibility and therefore reduce associated risks such as not hearing alarm signals or misunderstandings in communication between employees.