Specialised Installation



“Highly specialised team in the field of acoustics”

dBplus acoustics consultants have a highly qualified installation team with extensive experience in the field of acoustics; they achieve the optimal levels of performance from the most suitable designs. We guarantee complete dedication in order to speed up the organisation, control, design and implementation phases of a project, thereby, reducing our client’s costs. We undertake innovative and efficient installations with minimal interference with business activity and guarantee to meet our objectives.
dBplus acoustics consultants is a member of the REA (Registro de Empresas Acreditadas, Registry of Accredited Companies) complying with all regulations of labour capacity, quality control and protection from risk in the workplace.


“Integrated management of bespoke projects””


dBplus acoustics consultants carry out made-to-measure projects from start to finish coordinating all phases that make up the project at hand. We carry out initial measurements, design of necessary corrective measures taking the client’s needs into consideration, implementation with a highly qualified team and final certification of compliance with both the set objectives and applicable regulations: All in all, saving time and money by contracting both the design and full implementation.



“Implementation of external project design”


At dBplus acoustics consultants we also carry out installations based on external project designs. Our highly qualified team, specialised in various branches of the acoustics field, ensure a precise and high quality design implementation and achievement of the objectives set by the client.