At dBplus acoustic consultants we have the necessary technology and highly qualified staff to resolve any acoustic problem. We are involved in all stages of the project from the initial measurements, design and implementation to the final certification. In this way, we promise our clients to meet the set objectives with the minimal necessary investment.

Noise and vibration measurement

dBplus acoustic consultants possess the most modern technology in the acosutics measurement field guaranteeing reliability and the high quality of the assessments performed.

dBplus carry out noise and vibration measurements satisfying customer needs: Airborne sound insulation , Sound immission levels and vibration measurements complying with standards and regulations , room acoustics parameters, certification of compliance with CTE , measurements of noise exposure levels in the workplace and measurements of structure-borne noise transmission.

Sound insulation and acoustic conditioning

With a customised design we ensure our clients spaces with an adequate acosutics comfort in compliance with the standards and regulations applied in each specific case.

We carry out integral bespoke projects , beginning with measurements (sound insulation and room acoustics parameters), through the design and implementation of solutions and ending with the final certification.

Industrial Acoustics

We carry out any actions related with industrial noise , noise exposure level assessments, design of noise reduction solutions, employee protection projects based on noise prediction models. We take part in all the steps of the projects: initial measurements required, preliminary solutions design by means of the ultimate software and technology, implementationwith an specialised team and final certification.

Environmental acoustics

Environmental acoustics is concerned with the effects of noise pollution. How it affects physically and psychologically to people, and how it disrupts the normal environmental conditions of a specific area. The main causes of noise pollution are those related to human activities such as road traffic, industries, aircraft noise, leisure places, among others.

Specialised installation

dBplus acoustic advisors have a highly qualified installation team with extensive experience in the field of acoustics that they achieve the optimal levels of performance from the most suitable designs. We guarantee complete dedication in order to speed up the organisation, control, design and implementation phases of a project, thereby, reducing our client’s costs. We undertake innovative and efficient installations with minimal interference with business activity and guarantee to meet our objectives.