Noise in the workplace

The growing introduction of occupational risk regulations has led to the need to assess the noise exposure levels for employees in the workplace. In so doing, we aim to protect the health of employees and eliminate the risks derived from excess noise levels in the work environment. dBplus acoustic consultants carry out measurements and assessments, according to the respective European (Directiva 2003/10/CE) and State standards (Real Decreto 286/2006), in order to ensure noise exposure levels in the workplace are not exceeded. In cases where they are, we design and implement the perfect solutions to protect the health of employees and eliminate the associated risks whilst ensuring that the set objectives are met with minimum financial investment.


dBplus acoustic consultants are pioneers in controlling noise exposure levels for employees by using sound prediction models. Through the creation of sound maps using the latest technology, we can predict the solution’s effectiveness in reducing noise exposure levels.


dBplus acoustic consultants offer the possibility of complete control of noise in the workplace via their integral projects that include assessment, design, installation and final certification.