Environmental Acoustics

Environmental acoustics studies the effect generated by noise pollution such as noise excess that can alter the normal environmental conditions and affect people’s physical and psychological health. The main causes of noise pollution are those related to human activity such as traffic, business, leisure activity, airports amongst many others. Epidemiological studies carried out by the World Health Organization show that being subjected to noise levels above 70 dB(A) over long periods of time can be extremely damaging to health and lead to loss of hearing, headaches, irritability, increased blood pressure, sleep disturbance and fatigue, amongst others.

dBplus acoustic consultants assess all aspects related to noise pollution. With this in mind, we design and install the appropriate measures in order to achieve the desired level of comfort and not exceed the maximum regulatory limits. We undertake integral tailor-made projects in relation to the acoustic measurements and offer design of the most appropriate solutions, installation by a highly qualified team and final certification of the set objectives whilst always adapting to the client’s needs and requiring the minimum necessary investment.