Acoustic conditioning and consultancy services for audiovisual systems in the Concert Hall of La Faktoria de la Rasa, Terrassa. – FAKTORIA D’ARTS

dBplus acoustic consultants carried out the solution design for acoustic conditioning and
electroacoustic reinforcement at the LA FAKTORIA D’ARTS, a prestigious concert hall in Catalonia. In order to provide these consultancy services, we first identified the imperfections in the concert hall by creating a sound map. From the data collected, we selected the most suitable sound reproduction equipment for the characteristics of the room and designed resonating components in order to correct the sound quality imperfections. Finally, we carried out sonometric measurements to ensure that the acoustics of the room were suitable for concerts and similar activities.

“We have solved our concert hall’s sound problems thanks to the solutions offered by dBplus. Now the hall sounds much cleaner and our public and artists are much more satisfied with the result.”

Joan Pérez Manager of the Concert Hall, La Faktoria d’Arts