Solution design and installation to lower noise exposure for employees at the Laboratorios Grifols S.A. factory – Parets del Vallès

dBplus acoustic consultants managed all aspects of the project for the protection of employees from the risks derived from noise exposure at the Laboratorios Grifols factory in Parets del Vallès. In order to do so, we used defined methodology and high quality, innovative procedures to ensure compliance with the applicable limits whilst also requiring the minimum investment of time and money.

  • Take acoustic measurements to show the current noise exposure level for employees; the existing noise sources and the space in question.

  • Creation of prediction models using specialised software that allows us to obtain a sound map of the required area.

  • Design of optimal solutions for noise reduction and analysis of their effectiveness according to prediction models.

  • Implementation of solutions according to the designs; by highly specialised professionals in the sector.

  • Certification of fulfilment of objectives and compliance with the applicable regulatory limits.