Operating licences

Having an operating licence is a legal requirement for the Spanish administration before they can grant an operating permit. If the business activity is likely to generate noise, as is the case in leisure centres, hospitality, schools etc., the licence will require the preparation of a noise impact assessment to ensure that the noise levels generated do not exceed those permitted in the applicable regulations.

dBplus acoustic consultants carry out the noise impact assessments, included in the operating licence, based on characterisation of the existing noise sources. We measure the existing sound insulation of the separating element between the emitter and receiver and determine the propagation characteristics using specialised tools. We then install specific solutions for that particular issue and ensure that the final certification of the project complies with the applicable regulations. We also fully manage the operating licence process: offering consultancy services to find the ideal premises, manage administrative procedures and other necessary projects such as those to ensure compliance with electrical and low voltage regulations or air conditioning, fire and safety standards.