Acoustic conditioning of spaces


Acoustic conditioning of a space involves the design of the geometry and type of materials needed in order to achieve a high sound quality.

Acoustic conditioning of premises is independent of the issue of sound insulation as it deals specifically with reducing the noise that is generated externally that may cause disturbance. The appropriate acoustic quality of a space is closely linked to the purpose for which the space is intended i.e. the type of acoustic conditioning requirements for a restaurant, concert hall or library will vary considerably. dBplus acoustic consultants produce the most suitable designs according to the client’s particular needs and the intended use of the space in question. We carry out characterisation measurements, solution design and implementation to meet the set objectives with the best price for the client.

The most effective way to determine the acoustic characteristics of a space is by measuring the sound quality parameters as well as the quality of musical clarity and speech intelligibility. The measurement of these parameters is carried out in accordance with the relevant parts of the UNE EN ISO 3382 standard: “Measurement of acoustic parameters within premises”.

Once the sound quality parameters have been identified, we are able to create specific designs to meet the requirements of the space and its intended use, whilst also minimising the necessary investment of time and resources.

dBplus acoustic consultants carry out the relevant measurements according to the highest quality procedures, in order to accurately define the sound quality of a space and ensure compliance with reverberation limits defined in the applicable regulations.

In order to achieve a high level of sound quality, the space should be designed taking into consideration its intended purpose of use. Therefore, the desired sound quality parameters will vary according to the activity that takes place in the space in question whether that be music, speech, amplification or public gatherings.

Reverberation time is the standard of excellence used to determine the acoustic quality of a space and it is defined as the time taken for sound to disappear once it is emitted from its source. There are also other closely related parameters from which we can fully assess the room’s sound quality, such as speech intelligibility (D50) musical clarity (C80) and loudness (Strength), amongst many others.

dBplus acoustic consultants have a highly qualified team of professionals and the most innovative technology to achieve the desired sound quality parameters for the space’s use whilst also reducing the necessary investment.

Within the distinct areas of acoustics, the most common uses of a space are either for speech or music. The required sound behaviour characteristics for these spaces vary distinctly from one another. In a music room, for example, the space actively affects the way in which the listener perceives the music, bringing with it reverberation, warmth and clarity. In a room intended for speech, on the other hand, it is necessary to achieve a high level of speech intelligibility throughout the whole space.

dBplus acoustic consultants create tailored designs according to the particular needs of each client. With full implementation managed by our highly qualified team of professionals, we guarantee results that save both time and money.

Some spaces have very specific acoustic requirements due to the activities that take place in them or their architectural characteristics for example museums, hospitals, educational institutions, sports centres, airports, stations and offices.

dBplus acoustic consultants create specific designs according to the characteristics of the space and the client’s individual objectives. The installation service, managed by our highly qualified team, guarantees the required results whilst saving both time and money.

Audiovisual studios, as well as recording studios, control rooms, television sets and radio stations, require specific designs so that they are able to function correctly. These spaces are usually compact and therefore the normal design tools are not suitable for the task. In order to provide adequate acoustic conditioning in these spaces, it is necessary to create the design from modal acoustics, in this way, we can ensure that the sound in the room is not at all affected.

dBplus acoustic consultants have the ideal technology and highly qualified team to deal with the specific requirements of this type of space. We achieve results that allow for the nature of this work to be completed successfully.

In the Documento Básico de Protección Frente al Ruido DB-HR (Basic Document regarding Noise Protection) of the Código Técnico de la Edificación, CTE (Technical Code for Building Construction) and also in the numerous standards and regulations, maximum reverberation levels for activities in public areas are established, such as restaurants, libraries, worship centres or halls. In a space with high reverberation levels, the noise generated can be multiplied by its reflective surfaces. With the correct treatment, we achieve a high level of speech intelligibility that allows for clear communication while also guaranteeing that prescribed limits are not exceeded.

dBplus acoustic consultants carry out measurements and designs in order to ensure compliance with regulations. With our specialised installation team, we guarantee results and reduce the necessary investment of time and money.

In spaces used for specific purposes such as concerts, theatre, conferences etc., it is necessary to equip the spaces with systems that can be adapted for their various uses. In these cases, we can incorporate systems with variable volume adjustments or mobile materials whose properties can be changed according to the specific needs.

dBplus acoustic consultants create made-to-measure designs for the needs of individual clients. By using a high qualified installation team, we guarantee results that save time and money.

dBplus acoustic consultants have a highly specialised installation team with extensive experience in the sector. We are able to achieve the best acoustic results based on our specific designs. We provide exclusive dedication, guaranteeing a fast and efficient installation process, whilst causing minimum disruption to the normal continuation of business.

We carry out integral, bespoke projects by managing the design, implementation and final certification process thereby guaranteeing results and saving time and money.

dBplus acoustic consultants are registered with the REA (Registro de Empresas Acreditadas, Registry of Accredited Companies) and comply with the requirements of capacity, quality and prevention of occupational risk.