Measurements of room acoustics

The reverberation time in a room is the standard of excellence to determine sound quality. It is defined by the time taken for sound to disappear once emitted from its source. The reverberation level in a space essentially depends on its volume and the acoustic absorption levels of the materials present. The optimal reverberation time in a room is defined according to its intended purpose: speech, music, amplification etc… Therefore, in order to achieve the appropriate sound quality, it is necessary to adapt the acoustic measures taken to fit the purpose of the premises in question.


Apart from the reverberation time, there are also a number of closely related criteria from which we can fully assess a room’s sound quality such as speech intelligibility (D50) and musical clarity (C80), amongst many others. In rooms used for production or those that require a particularly high sound quality level, it’s very important that these criteria form part of the recommended levels for its purpose. The measurement of a room’s sound quality levels is carried out according to the applicable sections of UNE EN ISO 3382 standard: “Measurement of acoustic parameters within premises”.


Nowadays, it is common that State, Regional and Municipal requirements, as well as the Código Técnico de la Edificación, stipulate a maximum reverberation level for certain activities in public areas, for example restaurants. This is due to the fact that the noise level generated is increased by the reflections from various surfaces. With the correct treatment of the issue, we can guarantee that the specified levels are not exceeded and thereby achieve the required speech intelligibility level that allows for optimal communication in the space.


dBplus acoustic consultants carry out the relevant measurements according to the highest quality procedures defined by ISO standards, in order to accurately define sound quality of the space and ensure compliance with reverberation levels in the applicable regulations. On the basis of the results obtained, dBplus acoustic consultants implement the most suitable designs for the space in question whilst considering the desired sound quality and making best use of the necessary financial investment.